Fulani Militants Kill Nine in Christian Village in Nigeria

The International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Fulani militants once again have attacked the Adara natives in Kajuru LGA, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Militants Continue Recent Spate of Violent Attacks

The International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Fulani militants once again have attacked the Adara natives in Kajuru LGA, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

The attack on the Christian village took place while many were still mourning the loss of loved ones, property, and their means of livelihood following a series of coordinated attacks on at least five villages and 12 settlements over the past month.

The militants launched this most recent attack on Tudu-Doka Avong along Kaduna-Kachia road, killing nine people and injuring several others. Confirming the incident, a community representative, Usman Stingo, said, “It happened at about 5:45 a.m. on Wednesday, June 3, 2020. The gunmen arrived [at] the village and started shooting sporadically.  They entered into some homes and burnt household stuff. The situation is very, very pathetic.”

Those killed in the latest attack include Kefas Yusuf (30), Richard Yusuf (25), Fidelis Wada (40), Kachia Simon (30); Rose Soja (39), Genesis Soja (11), Rahap Soja (9), Victoria Gyata (50), and Lovette Akayi (10).

Further confirming the attack, the Kaduna State Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Reverend Joseph Hayab, said, “Nine persons were killed, including women and children. The photos are not good to look at.  The mood in the entire Kajuru area is gloomy. People are living in fear.

The CAN chairman further disclosed that some pastors were also affected in the recent attacks and are suffering in silence. 

He, however, acknowledged good-spirited individuals who are assisting with food distributions to help the displaced, but lamented that the need is very large.  He expressed concern with the attitude of the government, saying, “The government seems to be living in pretense and looking away from the colossal impact of the attacks on the population.

The recent attacks on the Adara communities spreading across Kajuru and Kachia local council areas in southern Kaduna impacted approximately 537 households with approximately 20,000 people displaced.

ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Nathan Johnson, stated, “Kajuru Local Government Area has now been attacked nearly a dozen times in the past month. Despite this, the government has not taken any clear or decisive steps to stop the violence. They have not caught any of the perpetrators, saved any lives, or assisted any of those who have suffered. This continued inaction is costing many people their lives, homes, and loved ones. It is time that the government in Nigeria is held accountable for the many lives that they have failed to defend. They are either completely incompetent and must be removed, or they are complicit and need to be thrown in jail.”

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Persecution.org (June 2020) Fulani Militants Kill Nine in Christian Village in Nigeria

Christian Village Suffers Eighth Attack in Three Years

Fulani Militants Kill 10 Christians in Two Villages

Fulani Militants Kill 10 Christians in Two Villages

The International Christian Concern (ICC) has announced on Friday that they have learned that on Tuesday evening, March 31, despite serious concerns and restrictive measures to stall the COVID-19 pandemic, Fulani militants continued to move freely and attacked two Christian villages in Miango District, Nigeria. This is the eighth time in the last three years that Ancha village has suffered at the hands of these militants.

Narrating the heartbreaking incident, Ishaya, a member of the village’s Baptist church, said, “They came at about 11:00 p.m. (on March 31), firing gunshots and burning houses! It was so dreadful! They killed three persons and also burnt four cars (in Ancha).”

Ishaya further disclosed that the militants proceeded to launch an attack on Hukke, the neighboring village, on Wednesday, April 1. During this attack, seven people were killed and approximately 30 homes were burned down over a span of two days.

“We are in great distress here,” Ishaya lamented. Those killed in Ancha village were a pregnant member of the Baptist church named Tina Musa (33), another member of the Baptist church, Gado Bhata (57), and a member of the Methodist church, William Rivi (65).

An injured victim of the Ancha village attack, Danlami Gado, who was admitted to Bingham University Teaching Hospital in Jos, recalled, “I was in the house. When we heard gunshots, we came out, not knowing that the attackers were already in the village. They fired shots at me and three bullets hit me on my left leg, shattering the bones.  After they disappeared, I kept yelling out for help. Some persons eventually heard and came. They picked me up on a motorbike, riding through the bush until we got to a hospital in Miango.” Danlami’s injury was complicated, so he was referred to a hospital with the appropriate specialists.

He has been scheduled for immediate surgery.

A local pastor, Yakubu Kpasa of ECWA Church, grieved over the murder of three of his church members, “They came on Wednesday, April 1, at about 8:00 p.m., and returned the next day, April 2, at about 5:00 p.m. They killed three by gunshots and destroyed our church building. They also burnt several houses.” Pastor Yakubu said the gunmen came in large numbers. The entire village has been deserted and he and his family are taking refuge in another village.

In a 2017 attack on Ancha village, the militants killed 20 people, all but one of whom were members of the Baptist church. During an attack on nearby Nkiedonwro village, 28 people ran to hide in a primary school classroom while military personnel engaged the attackers. The villagers were then killed by the militants when the military was overpowered.

Nathan Johnson, ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa said, “I have personally prayed with this village over the mass grave of the 20 killed in 2017. To see attacks continuing almost three years later in the same village is infuriating. The government’s complete incompetency is causing many Christians to lose their lives needlessly. It is time that this administration begins to take the deaths of thousands seriously and stop claiming that there are no issues. They are now responsible for every death that takes place in Ancha village.”

For interviews, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: press@persecution.org

Persecution.org (April 2020) Christian Village Suffers Eighth Attack in Three Years

Over 50 Killed in Attack on Kaduna Village, Villagers Blame Boko Haram

According to the Voice of America, Hausa, an attack on the village of Kerewa in Kaduna state took place on Sunday. During the attack, over 50 people were killed.

According to the Voice of America, Hausa, an attack on the village of Kerewa in Kaduna state took place on Sunday. During the attack, over 50 people were killed.

According to locals who spoke with VOA, “These killers are Boko Haram. They stormed our village killing indiscriminately… they spared nobody… the young, the old, even Almajiris are not spared.” This large attack shows that there is still a very large insecurity issue in Nigeria.

The locals continued by saying, “They continued to shoot people, setting fire on the dead and on property. It was extremely horrific! … They went from one room to the other, a man and his children were killed, even new born babies … We have over 50 dead now,we are yet to bury them. It will take hours to bury the dead. These killers are not just bandits … they are Boko Haram..they did not steal anything, they just killed and burnt peoples’ belongings.”

If this attack was conducted by Boko Haram, then it is clear that they have more power and ability to conduct large attacks than they have had in recent years. This would be one of the most southern attacks that they have ever conducted.

If it is not Boko Haram, then it can also not be claimed as banditry. There is some attempt to displace people from land. This attack shows that attacks are not only meant to steal supplies, but to take control of land. Please pray for those who lost family and friends in this latest violence in Nigeria.

Persecution.org (March, 2020) Over 50 Killed in Attack on Kaduna Village

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